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Panel management

Panel Cube provides you the power to monetize your panelists or databases through automated survey inventory

Member recruitment

Deep and Continuous Profiling

API based survey inventory within-depth user and project reporting!

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About Us

We have authored our sophisticated and advanced panel management tool to help our client leverage their panels, communities and databases. We have decades of combined experience working on the cutting edge software technologies specific to market research.

Easy online profiling

With our tool, seamlessly profile your members and increase their value to the survey-taking market.


With our intuitive UI, easily target audiences and develop quotes for your survey deployment. We offer best in class APIs, allowing you to monetize survey respondents around the globe.



Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes,
Art is knowing which ones to keep.

- Richard Johnson


  1. Panel Cube gives freedom to customize branding. Your community will perfectly match your vision.

  2. Panel Cube has Virtual Incentive integration offering Amazon gift cards and PayPal for member redemptions. We have built-in logic, identity fraud systems, and reporting for all members. Panel Cube is flexible with regards to redemption options and rules set by our customers.

  3. Panel Cube gives you the flexibility to target custom audiences and set precise quotas. You can determine your own member profiling, business rules, and performance management.

  4. Create your own metrics to track ROI for members. We offer you granular reporting to understand retention, track opt-outs, recruitment sources, response rates and potential fraudulent users.

  5. Our panel is integrated with a broad spectrum of surveys around the world. Panel Cube lets you craft unique business logic to maximize your earnings per click. With full automation, you have access to thousands of surveys and revenue opportunities without requiring manual intervention. Panel Cube has built-in ROI tracking and survey quality for its users.

  6. Panel Cube allows you to use your existing panel profiling or profile your members from the ground up with our software. We provide the flexibility of real-time profiling to map your members to the most appropriate survey opportunity. Also, Panel Cube allows you to track performance and consistency.

  7. Our UX is designed to have a natural feel. Panel Cube is user-friendly with several features that enhance engagement such as polling, contests and user-referral programs.

  8. We will help you craft a landing page and develop proper protocols for accepting new members into your community.

  9. We offer a robust cloud-based hosting that will scale with your business needs.

  10. Panel Cube supports multiple languages. You can create member communities from across the world.

  11. We offer the ability to outsource your customer support, incentive management and fraud prevention to our qualified resources at a low cost.

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